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The housemaid directed by Sang-soo Im, is a remake of the 1960 version, also Korean.
I won’t tell you too much, as I saw this film without knowing too much about it myself and I don’t want to spoil it, the basics are. A 30 year old Lee Eun-yi is recruited to become a housemaid for a very wealthy family.

The master of the household takes a particular liking to her, and you can probably guess what happens next. However things take a very nasty turn when the mistress of the house (who is pregnant with twins!) finds out, from this point on its all downhill.

First things first acting, all actors were really well chosen especially our lead, Jeon Do-yeon who although her character is 30 (irl 37) gives off the sort of naivety and immaturity that allows her to be so easily manipulated and bullied by the family.

The Master of the house Lee Jung-jae was also brilliant, from the moment he meets our lead you know exactly what he’s thinking! The way he smiles at her, I had a moment were I was almost screaming at the screen for her to “GTFO before it’s too late” but I guess there wouldn’t have been much a film.

Also major props to the mother in law, Park Ji-young, truly evil, like Disney evil.

Overall 4 STARS, for all of the reasons above. Sets were amazing as well as soundtrack (now obsessed with the song from the trailer.
Could have easily been five stars but the opening scene was bizarre and well I’m still not sure about it, whether or not it was a metaphor for loneliness and hopelessness, who knows, however twenty mins in to the film I had completely forgotten about it and forgiven them for such a useless scene. Also I did burst out laughing at the end... Watch and you will see why.

To the wine drinking bunch of actors in this film - A very well done.